Hey Guys!!

I’m excited to be starting this journey with all of you! I’ve always had a passion for fashion,  so I figured with me always sharing my different styles on Instagram it was about time to get a fashion blog started for the everyday girl on an everyday budget.


A Little About Me 

I currently live in Edmonton Alberta with my boyfriend Jordan and our Boxer dog Tucker! I work part-time as an administrative assistant for an Insurance company. When I’m not at work or even when I’ am.. fashion is always on my mind.. let’s get real!

I love creating simple yet chic outfits that don’t ever break the bank. I’m the type of girl who goes shopping for the good bargains.. cause really nothing feels better than getting something on major sale!

When it comes to brands I’m everywhere.. I don’t always stick to the same brands and quite honestly I don’t really have a favourite brand either. Whenever I see something cute that reflects my style and within my budget I’m grabbing it! Although I don’t have a favourite brand I do have a handful of favourite stores that I always tend shop at, which are,  H&M, Forever 21, Reitmans, Dynamite, Joe Fresh, Ardene and Old Navy.

All my style blog posts will have links as to where I get each piece of clothing so that you can easily shop my style! 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my tiny corner of the internet!

Much Love, 




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  1. Kelly Willis

    Great job Brit. Welcome back to Edmonton. Glad you got your blog going. All the best. Look forward to more.

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