Clinique 3-Step System

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Hey guys!!

Talking about something a little different today, my forte is putting together an outfit of the day and that’s about it! But I’ve been using this 3 step Clinique Skin care system for a couple of months now and my skin has never been smoother, so naturally I figured it would be something good and different to share with you guys.

The first time I bought Clinique I bought the travel 3 step system kit as I wanted to make sure that these products would benefit my skin before I went ahead and spent the money on the regular sized products. The starter facial soap and clarifying lotion lasted about a month where as the cream is normal sized and lasts much longer.


Once I finished the Clinique travel kit that’s when I actually realized how much Clinique was helping my skin overall. My skin was becoming smoother, there was less redness and I would break out less. With that being said after my started kit was finished I stopped using Clinique on my face for a couple of weeks to see the difference it would make.

Obviously being a benefit to my skin I went out and got the regular bottles of both Step 1 and Step 2. The first two steps are to be chosen based on your skin type. Clinique carries products for 3 different skin types which are:

Type 1 – Very dry/dry

Type 2 – Dry combination (This is the type I use – my skin is oily in the t-bone area and dry elsewhere)

Type 3 – Combination Oily

  Once I started to use the 3 step system for the second time my face broke out almost immediately (this also happened the first time I tried Clinique) I kept thinking this was a bad thing until I realized it’s not. This product it will quickly bring any under the skin pimples to the surface to clear your skin both above and underneath. After the first week of using Clinique my skin began to change – in a good way!

Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap


The first step is the facial soap – this soap leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft afterwards. Typically I don’t use a whole pump of soap as I find it too much – this facial soap lathers quite well – therefore a little bit goes a long way!

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion


Just when you think your face is clean the clarifying lotion gets deep down and attracts any of the remaining makeup and/or dirt on the face. Step 2 is my favourite step out of them all, because it get’s every last bit of dirt off your face and it leaves your face feeling minty cool and fresh.

Step 3: Dramatically different moisturizing cream


The final step of the 3 step system is the moisturizing cream – there is nothing that I love more than putting lotion on a clean face! The thing I like the most about this cream is that it keeps your skin hydrated while not making it look oily. Also note that this is the cream I received in the travel kit.

Shop today’s post:

Step 1: Liquid Facial Soap

Step 2: Clarifying Lotion

Step 3: Dramatically different moisturizing cream

I linked the starter kit here from Sephora – it’s a great price and a great way to start this 3-step system!

Usually I get my Clinique from Shoppers Drug Mart because of their Optimum points – unfortunately I wasn’t able to link it to their site as they don’t have Clinique online. Clinique Canada has a great website which shows each product and how to use each product step by step.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post – let me know what you think!!

Happy Tuesday – Hope your week is going great!!



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