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Hey guys! I wanted to share my experience with you from my visit to the Ten Spot. It’s an awesome open and bright atmosphere which is perfect for bridal parties and any other parties you may want to host there. They provide a small selection of beverages from coffee, water or alcoholic to enjoy during your manicure or pedicure. Other services such as the laser treatment, waxing (threading and tinting) or facials have their own private rooms located at the back of the spa. These rooms are small yet super cozy and they each have their own TV. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Friends while getting a Brazilian done lol!

I had a laser treatment done on my underarms and this specific service is $91.00 plus tax. After one treatment my hair has mostly all come back, there are a couple bald spots but it has grown in significantly slower. The recommended treatments is 6-8 before all of the hair is gone for good. These treatments should be done about every 4 weeks. The treatments do hurt a little bit – it feels like a shock , the pain is gone within seconds and I was done my treatment in under 10 minutes. Below is a picture of the laser machine, it is able to detect your skin tone and will treat you based on your exact skin complexion which I thought was pretty awesome.

Before leaving I also went for a manicure. We did a nude ombre and it turned out awesome – A manicure with gel polish is $51.00 plus tax. I’ve had my gel polish on for about a week and a half now and some nails have started to chip a little. But it definitely lasts longer than regular polish. I plan to go back again before Christmas to have another Manicure done – there’s nothing like a little mommy alone time!

I can’t thank the girls enough at the Ten Spot for making me feel like a TEN and having such great and friendly staff! If you live close to a Ten Spot location be sure to check it out! They also sell many skincare products and holiday gift packs at this time of the year! I

It’s located at 710 Second Line East in Sault Ste. Marie. Visit their website

** Thanks to the Ten Spot for providing me with these services – as always all opinions are my own **

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