Colton Update + My Go To Baby Wrap

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Hey Guys!!

Life has been crazy busy lately with trips back and forth to Toronto for Colton’s surgery and post op appointments. Everything has gone as good as it could have gone. Colton’s surgery went great and he’s been recovering like a little champ – just like I knew he would!! The changes we’ve seen in both his head shape and development have been amazing since the surgery! He’s rolling around and lifting his head so much better! They removed a piece in the middle of his skull so that makes his big head a little bit lighter… until he gets his helmet this weekend that is lol!

We went back to Jordan’s grandmas house on the lake a couple weeks back. It’s so peaceful where she lives and there is no cell phone service – so it’s nice to unplug and enjoy the weekend on the lake.

Whenever we go anywhere I always pack the beluga wrap, it’s super cozy and both Colton and I love it. The fabric is made of bamboo and it’s super soft even after washing and drying it multiple times. It has taken some time to get used to and I feel like every time I put it on it’s better than it was the time before lol. You really have to make sure that the material isn’t twisted, this part is a little tricky but it really does make a difference if the fabric isn’t twisted and it also makes the wrap much comfier for back support. I love that they are a Canadian based company and it was all founded by just one Mother who couldn’t find a wrap she loved!

A baby carrier is something that I think all momma’s need – especially for those fussy days when you need to get things done! I linked the wrap below make sure to take a look at her website you won’t be disappointed!







Also how cute are his little rubber boots!! They’re linked below Xo

Shop today’s details:

CardiTee – Jeans – ShoesBeluga WrapColton’s Rubber Boots



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