Colton’s Cranio Journey

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Hey guys!!

It’s been a hot minute since my last blog post and since then we’ve been super busy! If you follow me on Instagram you know we made a quick road trip out west to get the rest of our belongings. With that being said – we’re officially moved back to Ontario! This weekend we’re off to Jordan’s grandmas house on the lake for the long weekend and then next week we’re headed to Toronto for a little bit.

Before we head to Toronto I want to let you guys know exactly why we’re going… it’s not too often I really open up about things on my blog but this is something I need to share with you guys!!

Ever since Colton’s first routine check-up the Dr’s were concerned about the shape of his head. Of course being a first time mother I was in complete denial “my baby is perfect – so what if his head is a little bit weird”. And yet day after day Jordan kept telling me something isn’t right about his head. Since I was in denial at this point we didn’t do anything further. We then went again for his 2 month check-up and at this point his head was growing quicker than normal, and we were referred to a Pediatrician.

Once we seen the Pediatrician he measured our heads and he made it clear that something wasn’t right. Colton was then sent for lots of tests and the rest of our afternoon was spent at the hospital. We got the results from his tests the following week and found out that he has Sagittal Craniosynostosis. It’s a condition that causes the suture (soft spot) to fuse prematurely, something that is approximately 1 in every 5000 births.

This diagnosis requires surgery and so we’re off to the SickKids Hospital next week for appointments and to meet the team of neurologists and surgeons that will be doing Colton’s surgery on May 31st. Luckily we caught his diagnosis soon enough that he is able to have the endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, as apposed to an open head surgery that he would have if he was over the age of 6 months. Once Colton’s surgery is over he will be wearing a helmet for about 4-6 months to continue to correct the shape of his head.




I’ll continue to posts blogs and keep you guys updated as to how his procedure goes – also some before and after photos of his head!

Everything happens for a reason and there is another baby in our town who was also recently diagnosed with this condition, and words cannot explain how thankful we are to have another family to lean on for advice and support!




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