Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day guys!!

My first Valentine’s day with my little peanut.. and I hope this momma is his Valentine always!! Lol

Colton will already be a month old tomorrow!! I cannot believe it you guys… it makes me so sad!

This first month home with him has been amazing!! But it’s also had some challenges.. Breastfeeding is soo hard you guys it’s not even funny! It’s one of the hardest things I’ve probably ever done.. there’s so much pressure on you trying to feed your little one and making sure you have enough milk to feed that little one. But then there’s also trying to get the babe to latch and latch properly.. We struggled for the first week with latching until we discovered nipple shields which made things a little easier but it still wasn’t great.. Colton would latch but become fussy very quickly and there was only a couple of times where he was completely satisfied off the boob.. lots of times we would finish the feeding with a bottle of pumped breast milk or supplement with formula when I didn’t have enough milk to pump.

 But let me tell you those couple of times that he was completely satisfied on the boob – it was such an amazing feeling like wow I can feed my baby with my own body. So when you think breastfeeding is going to be something so simple it really isn’t – it’s going to be one of the hardest things you’ll probably ever do (other than giving birth) LOL. But you always gotta remember that a fed baby is best!! This is something I’m constantly reminding myself of these days.

This past year has had many ups and downs from becoming pregnant to becoming a mom and it really is amazing how much a woman’s body can do. It’s really let me open my eyes and made me love myself and my body more than ever before!!

With that being said.. never forget to love yourself first!! XO

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