Maternity Shoot – 31 Weeks

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Hey guys… it’s been a minute (two weeks to be exact) since my last blog post, and it was a much needed break from blogging. Especially to enjoy the holidays with the house full of Family that we had!! But I’m glad to be back with so many exciting things to come in 2018!! I hope everyone had an amazing and safe New Year’s, and may all your hopes and goals get accomplished this year!

Since my last post lots of things have happened, we packed up and moved home just after Christmas. I couldn’t be happier to be home and close to all our family and friends just in time for the little nugget to arrive! I’m now 35 weeks pregnant – so the countdown is on, and my heart is just bursting with joy..and so many other emotions to be honest. It’s such a crazy time in our lives and I can’t begin to think just how much our lives are about to change!

Something tells me that this little nugget is going to arrive sooner than planned. Now that we’re pretty much unpacked, this mama has been in total nesting mode. I already have his hospital bag packed and ready to go! I just want to make sure that everything is prepared for his arrival home. Also I’m on maternity leave now so I have to find things to keep me busy during the day. Jordan and I have both been sleeping as much as we can lately, cause we both know that soon we won’t be getting much or any sleep lol!

A couple weeks back I had a photoshoot with Sara from Sara Jewell Photography – these pictures turned out so amazing I can’t get enough of them! This isn’t a shoot that I would normally do, but being pregnant it’s just so amazing to watch your body change and grow. I’ve never felt more confident and comfortable in my own skin, stretch marks and all! I didn’t have any stretch marks until I got into my 8th month of pregnancy, then they all came at once.. and I’m sure they aren’t done lol!!








I’ll be posting more maternity pictures later this week, that will include my baby daddy AND fiance! In case you haven’t seen on Instagram we also got engaged over the holidays, but that’s a whole other blog post! Jordan wasn’t home at the time we took these pictures, but I loved the way they turned out and they will definitely be something I will cherish for years to come.

Cheers to 2018!!

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