Christmas Pajamas

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve lol!!

I hope you are all ready for Christmas by now..and if you aren’t I have a great last minute gift.. Pajamas they’re always a great idea for Christmas!

Our house has been chaos to say the least but we love having family here! There’s twelve of us total plus five dogs.. it has yet to be a dull moment. We are all off to the Oilers vs Habs game tonight at Rogers and have a Limo picking us up, we’re all so excited!!

I don’t usually post on Saturday mornings but with things being so busy this week and everyone showing up at different times I just haven’t had all that much time to get around to this post. I took pictures the other night and they didn’t turn out too great.. so plan B! I hate winter for the short daylight hours. For my Birthday I’m getting some softbox lights and I’m anxious to test them out and be able to take pictures whenever and wherever.. well hopefully!! Lighting is the hardest thing when it comes to photography.. I think so anyways! Also speaking of lights the string lights I have on the bed are just under 30 ft.. I found them at Sears for 60% making them less than $7. Such a steal.. so if live near a Sears that’s closing and want some string lights, that’s the place to go!!

Now that I’ve chatted your ears off already let’s get around to today’s post.. working with Mark’s this year has been such an amazing opportunity and I hope to continue to work with them in 2018. I love that they’re clothing style has become much more than just work clothes. They have such cute pieces now that you wouldn’t think you would find there. When I came across their Christmas Pajamas I loved them all. Nighties have been my go to Pajamas since I’ve been growing the little nugget, they’re just so comfy and less one has to wear pants when pregnant the better lol.. I’ve grown out of my last housecoat and this housecoat feels like a fleece blanket, it’s super cozy and thick! It makes me look much bigger than I currently am, but it’s the coziest thing I’ve ever owned. The slippers are also from Mark’s and they’re way too comfy, along with the super cute plaid blanket that I’m sure you’ll be seeing more than once on my Insta and here on the blog!






Merry Merry Christmas to you and your families!! Stay safe and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.. xo

Shop today’s look:


Housecoat is sold out online.. that’s how comfy it is!!

**Thank you Mark’s for sponsoring this post, all comments and opinions are my own.**


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