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Happy Thursday!!

I’m off to a Christmas party for work today, maybe this will finally get me into the holiday spirit since I still don’t have my tree up and it’s about to be December.. this isn’t like me but I’ve been exhausted lately this third trimester is only getting tougher.

So with that I’m 30 weeks today and thought it would be a good time for a bumpdate! First things first I had my diabetes test a couple weeks back and the results came back high so I’ve officially got gestational diabetes.. ugh the joys!! Now this will call for even more Dr.’s appointments and not being able to eat everything I crave like waffles and pancakes lol! Another thing I’ve been struggling with almost my whole pregnancy is Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction – it’s a symptom that causes excessive movement in the pelvic area and it’s very painful. Feels like I have been kicked multiple times in the pelvic area.. it’s not fun at all!! I also just read that it only happens one in every 300 pregnancies.. lucky me!

In other news I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by, before we know it our little nugget will be here! Pregnancy is just such an amazing experience and I’m so overly excited to meet our little guy!!






I kept things nice and casual for today’s look. I have been wearing this sweater on repeat it’s so soft and cozy and it’s non maternity!! I love it so much I went and got it in grey on Black Friday. The length is perfect and it can easily be worn with leggings and boots. These boots have also been my go to all winter both because I’ve never owned grey boots and because they’re heel-less and oh so comfy!

Until next week…

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