Wheels or Heels?!

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Wheels or Heels?! What will it be?!!!



Wheels has won this time around!! So excited to finally announce that we’re having a baby BOY!!!!!

I always said I wanted to have all boys, and I’m so excited to have my first baby boy on the way!

When we went for our second ultrasound appointment at 12 weeks we asked the technician if she could tell what we were having… it took her a while to say anything but by the end she said “it looks like a boy”. At this point we both weren’t convinced that it was a boy. So we both tried to not think about it.. of course Jordan wanted a boy and I did also. I had this feeling right from the beginning that it was a boy, I was going to be very surprised if we were told we were having a girl. So fast forward to our 18 week ultrasound appointment – the technician was doing her thing and trying to get all the measurements. Jordan was standing in the corner not saying anything and trying to hold back his smile.. at that point I knew he had seen something he liked. The technician finally asked us if we wanted to know the gender and we both said yes.. she replied with “it’s very clearly a boy”. We were now convinced at this point that we have a little boy on the way and we both couldn’t be more excited!!

I’m officially 6 months pregnant and things are starting to get real – I’ve got myself a little kick boxer lately! I’ve been feeling great – a little tired at times but other than that this mama is feeling good!





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