Bell Sleeves at Lake Louise

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Welcome back guys and happy September!!

Can you believe fall is already here, well not technicaly but it sure feels like it with the already changing colours and leaves falling off the trees. Oh and you can’t forget everything pumpkin spiced.. yumm!! Ever since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve become picky with my coffee – if I’m having a regular coffee I need cream it in again which I didn’t do prior to finding out. I’ve also been drinking a lot of dirty chai latte’s (it’s a chai tea with a shot of espresso, yum!).

I’ve been feeling good the last week, I have a lot more energy and my headaches have seemed to pass now, woohoo! Although I would take headaches over morning sickness any day!! So far I’m enjoying the second trimester!

Shopping has been a little tough for me lately, as you guys know I always like a good deal as well as buying wardrobe staples – things that I will get lots of use out of. So right now I’m in the awkward stage of not really looking pregnant and just feeling fat lol. So shopping has been on the back burner lately unless I find a piece that I have lots of room to grow in and wear throughout this pregnancy I’m passing it up.

Which brings me to this dress I got a couple weeks back, it’s one of my favourite colours and it’s perfect for fall and has room for me to grow!! Not everything needs to be maternity because let’s get real maternity clothing isn’t cheap. So looking for flowy and comfy dresses are a great option – I’ve been living in dresses lately because pants just aren’t comfy at this point (unless they’re maternity).

This dress is so soft, I mean soooo soft and perfect for an everyday look – it could also be easily dressed up into a business casual look. I plan to style it with booties and over the knee boots this fall as well as layering it with jackets.

Ps – How cute are the bell sleeves? That’s what pretty much sold me on this piece. And pssst… it’s currently 40% off and linked below!!! Xo







Shop today’s look:

Dress – Urban Planet

Booties – George (They’re soooo comfy, I love Walmart shoes when I find them because I know I’ll never get a blister!!)

Floppy Hat – Forever 21


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