It’s official.. WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!

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You guys!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like FOREVER now!!

We’re so happy blessed and excited to grow our little family and cannot wait to welcome our little bundle of joy in February!!

Everyone’s first question is always was it planned or not.. I hadn’t been on the pill since before last Christmas.. so it definitely wasn’t prevented! Five months later and the bun was in the oven.. and to this day I wonder if I’m even pregnant still?? I’m excited to start feeling some action in there lol!! I was about a week and a half late for my period and my boobs were killing me!! I bought myself a 2 pack of tests… because obviously this wasn’t my first test of the year LOL!! As soon as I took the test two bright pink lines showed up… like instantly!! Of course I had to take another test to see if it was for real and then a third test the next day to see how far along I was. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it and I still can’t. So finally sharing it with all of you guys makes it feel that much more real.

I’m 16 weeks today and finally starting to feel much better. The first trimester was not fun what. so. ever… lol there’s nothing worse than waking up every single day feeling hungover when you didn’t even drink a single thing! And when the morning sickness happens it happens quick.. to the point where I could barely make it to a toilet and only did once.. thankfully it was when I was out for lunch with Auntie Jensen lol!! The morning sickness was for sure the worst part (so far) and really.. I could have had it worse!

As for food..I didn’t really get turned off from much mostly red meat.. steak.. no thank you lol! I’ve hardly eaten any red meat since I found out. Eating wasn’t fun at first and I forced myself to eat something at times. I’m still waiting for the food cravings to start.. but having my appetite back is good start! Since I’ve gotten into my second trimester I haven’t felt as tired and no more morning sickness but now it’s daily headaches. I’m hoping these pass by soon as well. I used to never get headaches so going from that to a daily headache isn’t fun! Especially when I refuse to take any kind of medication for it.

I’m excited to finally be able to update you guys every week as to how I’m feeling. So let the bump styling begin!!! Wooohoo!!

But enough of all the little details let’s get to the AMAZING announcement pictures done by Sara Jewell!! She is so good you guys and she’s so much fun I just love her!! If you’re in the Edmonton area I would definitely recommend her!






Announcement-2 - Copy



I hope you guys loved these pictures as much as we do!! I can’t wait to continue to share the rest of this experience with you guys along with the next chapter of our lives! Be prepared for the weekly bumpdates!!

Thanks so much for the kinds words and comments!!

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XOXO Bee, Jordan and Tucker!!

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  1. Nanpapamcinnes

    Love the photos can’t wait to get weekly photos of your baby bump❤️

  2. I loved doing this session with you two and I’m so excited to meet your little friend xo

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