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Happy Saturday Babes.. and Happy National Lipstick day!!

I finally have my Lipsense review done you guys! I’ve been using this product for about a month now. I haven’t been using it daily which isn’t ideal but I’ve been doing my best to use it on more on a daily basis these last few weeks so I could give my best review. The more and longer this product is used the better it becomes. I’ve always loved wearing bright lipsticks but it’s annoying to always hear “you have lipstick on your teeth”… which is basically the whole time you’re wearing the damn lipstick.. This isn’t the case with Lipsense.. having lipstick on your teeth is the least of your problems and its amazing!



I have this product in two colours.. of course two different shades of pink. A light the Goddess which is a limited edition and so pretty and Kiss for a Cause which is nice and bright but also has a shimmer to it! I would love to try some shades of red next, I love a good red lipstick and one that stays on and lasts all day.. bonus!


With Lipsense you always need a top coat and of course the Ooops remover to erase any mistakes and remove your Lipsense at the end of the day.

Lets start with the glossy gloss – It goes on a little sticky at first but eventually absorbs right into your lips. It’s not fun when you walk outside on a windy day after applying the glossy gloss – your hair sticks to your lips instantly lol! I find since your lips really exfoliate when you begin to use this product.. I mean like layers of skin shedding that you didn’t even know was possible, it’s best to start off using the glossy gloss only and getting your lips used to it. If you find your lips are peeling too much you can make yourself a quick lip scrub with Vaseline and sugar to help eliminate those extra layers of skin before applying the Lipsense.

When the gloss and colours are applied for the first time your lips will tingle and may even sting a bit but this goes away the more your lips become used to the product.

The Ooops remover is great.. you need to make sure to apply it like a gloss and rub your lips together for a good 30 seconds.. especially with the bright colours. Once you’ve done this wipe your lips with a moist cloth and it should all come right off.. if it doesn’t which will sometimes happen apply a little more Ooops remover where there is still Lipsense, repeat the process and you should be good to go!


Above I’m wearing the Goddess. I love this colour.. it’s a nice light pink with shimmer. Good to wear everyday to the office.


Above I’m wearing Kiss for a Cause – I’ve always loved a bright pink and this one is just that! Plus you can’t go wrong with a little shimmer. I love wearing this colour for blog posts when I can. It’s great not having to worry about reapplying my lipstick or getting it on my teeth.

Kiss for a Cause also looks great when it’s layered with the Goddess it tones down the pink a little while still keeping it bright!


Each Lipsense colour needs to be applied 3 times. Making sure it’s dry in between layers is key otherwise it doesn’t look good. You also need to be careful not to go over the same spot on your lip when applying the layers – it’s very tricky and takes some getting used to but it’s worth it. I found that the Lipsense would come off first on the inner part of my lips so be sure to apply it evenly throughout. One thing I didn’t know for the first bit and wasn’t helping was that you need to shake the Lipsense before applying it.


All together I do love this product and will continue to use it.. of course I won’t limit myself to only Lipsense just yet but it may happen in the future. Like all products there are ups and downs and I believe this product gets better the more you use it. It takes time for your lips to get used to it. So be sure to not hate it after you wear it once, and to continue to try it… Plus all good things do take time right??

All Lipsense products were given to me from Kiss THIS By Tricia. All comments and opinions are my own. 

Tricia is a Lipsense distributor out of southern Ontario and she’s awesome! She will ship this product anywhere for you, and it always there for any questions you may have when first trying your Lipsense product!

Calling all my Ontario ladies!!! Contact Tricia to try Lipsense.

You can follow her both on Instagram and Facebook for all product promotions and details!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend babes – and let me know in the comments below what you think of Lipsense if you’ve used it before!!


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  1. That is a great review. Love the colors on you, and you look so cute with those glasses.

    March and May

  2. Kiss for a cause looks best on you. I’ve been wearing Apple cider and blu-red for years. Think I should add some more to my arsenal.

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