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Hey Guys!!

I hope ya’ll had a good weekend!!

My weekend flew by like always and I’m tired this Monday. It snowed again last night so we are back to winter like weather here in Edmonton, just as I was getting used to the nice spring like weather!

The picture below was the first one we snapped yesterday afternoon and boy was I a little in shock about how cold and windy it was!!



On Friday I posted a style post with the floral shirt I got from Joe Fresh so I figured it was only fitting to have my next style post be the rest of the great finds I picked up at Joe Fresh last week.

Everything I’m wearing in this post was picked from the sale rack!!





A black & white outfit is always a good easy go to, I think it gives off a polished look without any effort. This black sweater I’m wearing has literally been on repeat since the day I bought it. It is so thick and cozy I want to wear it 24/7. It was regular $29 and I got it for just under $10.

I love this sweater because of the high neckline – it’s easy to pair it with anything from a scarf to a statement necklace. I also like the fact that you can either dress it up or dress it down.

Last week I posted an Instagram with this black sweater paired with a striped skirt!






The jeans I found are super comfortable and I got them for $15 – it doesn’t get much better than that!

The only thing I wish was different about them is the bottom fitting slimmer than they do. I’m hoping once I wash them they will shrink a little – I will keep you guys posted!


Since we hardly had any snow left yesterday I decided to pair this outfit with my favourite pair of Nike shoes. These shoes are so comfortable, I love them so much that I also own them in pink!

I’m the type of girl that if I like something I usually own it in more than one colour!


Since I wanted to keep my outfit casual I accessorized it with one of my favourite plaid scarfs.

Who doesn’t like a cozy plaid scarf? I borderline own too many cause they are just that cozy! I got this scarf last winter at Forever 21 and have been obsessed with it ever since. It can easily be paired with any jacket to give it that polished yet casual look.




A long jacket is always good because it covers the butt and can easily be paired it with some leggings!

Even though I love long jackets sometimes they can make you look lost if they are too baggy fitting. For me a waist band is key in a long jacket because then it can tightened to ones desire –  a waist band is also what gives you that hour glass shape.

 As you can see in the picture above my jacket from the back has the hour glass shape.





I must say I almost didn’t get this jacket because it’s white and I’ve never owned a white jacket before, but I just love how bright it is. Although who knows how long that will last with Tucker around. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the collar is full of make-up and the sleeves are full of slobber. But there’s always a first for everything right?


I hope you guys enjoyed this casual style post! I’ve linked the details below.

Shop Today’s Look:

Jacket Joe Fresh (I linked a similar Columbia Jacket – Mine is no longer online, boo!! But it was regular $99 and

I snagged it for just under $17!!! They still had quite a few at the Superstore I went too!)

Sweater Joe Fresh 

Jeans Joe Fresh (Similar jeans without the rips, but they had racks of sale jeans in store!)

Shoes Sportcheck 

Scarf Forever 21 (I bought mine last winter – I linked a similar one here, it looks even

warmer and cozier than the one I’m wearing!)



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