Home for the Holidays

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Happy Friday!!

Since we took so many great pictures over the Christmas holidays I figured I’d share some of my favourites with you guys.

First things first I think almost everyone gets a pair of PJs on Christmas Eve. This year we wanted to do things a little different. Since our family is so small we thought it would be fun for the girls to all wear some matching PJs and take cute pics!! I mean really who wouldn’t be down for that?! Since you guys know I’m obsessed with leopard, I come by it honestly as my meme loves it just as much, these PJs were the perfect fit!!





Here are some pictures from Christmas Day!!

Our best present this Christmas other than being home with family and friends was a new camera lens!! As you can tell Jordan was just as excited as me (if not more excited) for the new lens.

So next are some family pictures and some pictures with my Birthday cake.. on Christmas day.. Every year I seem to hate my Birthday more and more until I realize I’m lucky enough to always have the day off and more than likely I’ll always be with some family and/or friends!!


My family.. minus Meme who was taking the pictures!! Of course there always has to be at least one person either not looking or not paying attention.. lol typical!!



My amazing chocolate cake that my momma baked for me!!!





Not only was it my Champagne 25th Birthday this year.. but it was also my Meme’s 75th and my Momma’s 50th!!

It sure was a milestone year for all three of us!!


As I celebrated my 25th on Christmas my favourite cousin Greg also celebrated his 25th in November!! We are cousins but really more like siblings! We’ve always had a great close relationship!


My parents, Meme, Jordan and I


Jordan and I usually have a hard time taking good pictures together, but these turned out amazing and I love them so much. The picture on the left is great because I look like I’m as tall as he is.. oh the magic of stairs lol!!



Last but not least a family picture from NYE. My cousin Greg is getting married in July so we rang in the New Year by dancing the night away at his stag and doe!!


I hope you guys enjoyed these Christmas pictures! I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store!!

Happy Weekend friends – stay warm and safe!


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