Red Plaid Scarf

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Happy Monday Loves!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

My weekend was spent making potato soup and a no bake pumpkin pie, which turned out amazing!! Recipe here. I also spent some time getting ahead on some blog posts. I get my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and I’m so NOT looking forward to it, I’m praying it doesn’t go as bad as I’m thinking it will.

With fall in the air and the temperatures dropping like nobody’s business in Edmonton blanket scarves are a must! My favourite way to wear them is as a blanket just because that’s how they keep me the warmest and I’m always COLD. With the yellow within the scarf I decided to wear a mustard body suit. This is my first body suit that I recently purchased and I’m not sure what took me so long?! They are aaamazing!! If you don’t already own one then you are missing out big time!! Nothing better than a tight top that stays still on your body all. day. long!

Although body suits might be my newest wardrobe staple, flare jeans are not! I used to wear flare jeans like they were going out of style in high school.. literally. I still remember the first pair of skinny jeans I bought and how long it took me to buy my first pair because I thought they looked so weird and they were very uncomfortable. Now a days it seems to be the opposite, but with the flare trend starting to come back I was sure to be all over that!!











Thanks for taking the time to stop by!!  I hope everyone has a great week ahead!!

Shop today’s look:

Body Suit: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle 

I’m wearing the kick boot cut – but my favourite American Eagle jean with a flare is the Artist jean!

Plaid Blanket Scarf: She In (last year) Similar scarf – here, here and here

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